Blog Response to Micro learning

on January 17, 2016

This post is in response to Aneesh Bhat’s post on Microlearning – A Paradigm Shift in the Way We Learn.

I am an elementary teacher and we often have to attend Professional Development (PD) workshops each year. Majority of these PDs are all day. The presenters spend most of their time lecturing new information from a PowerPoint presentation and there is little to no engagement to show that we understood and have processed the new information. Although PDs are necessary to enhance teaching strategies, I believe that it needs to be more interactive. We need to be able to apply new knowledge so that it is not lost.

I like the idea of micro learning because you are able to learn new information in small portions and apply the information as well. Giving a presentation with a wealth of information in one day for about 5 hours is not going to help teachers or any employee to grasp or apply the information. More than likely, after the training all that information is lost because it was not being applied.  In order for information to be processed and stored in memory, you must be attentive. If presenters want their audience to retain and use the information they learned, then the information needs to be presented in a more meaningful way. I think that micro learning is one way. I am sure there are a variety of other ways. Feel free to give your input about micro learning as well as other ways to present new information in workshops.


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