Mind Map Reflection

on February 7, 2016

How has your network changed the way you learn?

The way that I learn has changed overtime due to the evolution of technology. Although I have while I was in grade school, especially between my elementary school years, I never really focused on using the computer to facilitate my learning. I would learn from my classroom teachers, family, friends, and any other adult I have met if I was in a club or organization. As time progressed, I learned how to utilize technology more to help with my learning. Especially being a teacher, I research various techniques to engage students in learning.

Which digital tools best facilitate learning for you?

I would normally jump to Google as a tool if I want to learn something. Of course, using the search engine gives you more than enough results. Sometimes I end up on blogs, articles, and other credible websites. Some other great digital tools that best facilitate my learning are the Discussion Boards and weekly learning resources that I am required to read for my online courses. I learn so much from the weekly resources for my class and from the discussion boards. Being a part of the discussion boards allows me to express my views and knowledge of what I have learned from the weekly readings. I also learn from my fellow classmates; I learn from their perspectives and I give feedback or ask questions when needed.

How do you gain new knowledge when you have questions?

Like I mention before, I usually start at google and branch out from there. If it is a question that is related to my coursework, I would email my professor or one of my classmates. When it comes to my profession, I would also utilize the internet or I would ask one of my colleagues or even some of my relatives who are in the education field.

In what ways does your personal learning network support or refute the central tenets of connectivism?

My personal learning network supports the central tenets of connectivism. I learn from all networks and I am able to utilize some of what I learn in my profession and in my personal life. As time progress, there is more and more information being added. I try to filter the information that I need from the information I do not need so that I am able to be successful.


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