Putting the Pieces Together

on February 21, 2016

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the different learning theories and learning styles, how has your view on how you learn changed?

I have always thought that I fell in the category of one or two of the learning theories. I also thought that I had only one or two learning styles as well. I have learned that your learning style may change overtime. It may even change depending on the concept being taught. I still prefer to learn by applying what I have learned to real world situations. I still think that I am a hands on and visual learner. I also realized that each of these theories play a role in the way I learn as well. At the beginning of this course, I was only aware of a few learning theories but now I have learned more and have gained a much deeper understanding of them. Being able to understand these learning theories will only make me an effective instructional designer.

What have you learned about the various learning theories and learning styles over the past weeks that can further explain your own personal learning preferences?

After learning about the various learning theories, I think that I would gravitate more to the theory of adult learning. When it comes to adult learning, learners are able to take control of their own learning. I like how I can work at my own pace. Adult learning could be related to self-direct learning. I have the choice to learn what I want or see necessary to apply to personal or work experiences. I also learned that I like learning collaboratively because you get the chance to learn from other people’s perspective as well as their own experiences. You also can share ideas with one another.

What role does technology play in your learning (i.e., as a way to search for information, to record information, to create, etc.)?

Technology plays a very important role in my learning. I use the internet to search for information that interests me. I also use it to search for different teaching methods/strategies that I can try in my classroom to make me a more effective teacher. I also search for information that will help with any assignments that I have to complete. With technology being available to me, I am able to take control of my own learning and can work at my own pace.


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