Learning Theories and Instruction Course Reflection

on February 28, 2016

Thinking back on the last eight weeks of this class, I have learned so much about learning theories and the way people learn. Something that I found surprising as I furthered my knowledge about how people learn was that you should not focus on teaching people based on their learning styles. It is more effective if you focus on using various learning strategies rather than focus on learning styles. I used to think that if you catered to students based on their learning styles, it would help them grasp concepts better. Although it may have worked in some cases, I also learned that there are some concepts you might have to use hands on approach rather than just auditory and visual. Sometimes it is also better to try to incorporate a little of each.

At the beginning of this course, our first discussion post was to describe how we learn and which learning theory best suites us. I have always thought that I was a visual and kinesthetic learner. I grasp concepts more by seeing examples as well as hands on approach. However, after learning about the different learning styles and theories, I learn best incorporating all three learning styles. Being able to have internet access and a computer helps me to learn new information. This is linked to the theory of connectivism, where I use various networks to learn and understand new information.

In regards to learning theories, learning styles, educational technology, and motivation, they all play a significant role in getting people to learn. Once educators and instructional designers understand the various learning theories and styles, they are able to plan instruction that will suit the needs of their learners so that they are successful in understanding and applying the concepts. Although educators may have grasped the concept of planning instruction to the learners’ needs, they also must be able to motivate their learners. Some learners are motivated intrinsically while others may not. In order to get learners to learn new information, it must be meaningful to them. Motivated learners and instruction that caters to learners’ needs will ensure success for learners.

This course will help me in the field of instructional design when it comes to developing instruction. As an aspiring instructional designer, I would have to create instruction that caters to the needs of my learners. I would have to make the learning meaningful, in which learners are able to relate new information to real world and their life experiences. I would also have various resources available to them so that they are able to understand concepts better and use different methods to keep them motivated.

In conclusion, I have learned valuable information from this course that will allow me not only become an instructional designer but also a more effective teacher. Taking what I learn from this course and applying it will allow my learners to become highly motivated and achieve success.


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