Project Scheduling and Estimating Activity Duration

on February 3, 2017

I was assigned to conduct a search for resources that would aid in planning an ID project schedule. It is very important to have a project schedule and estimate the amount of time on each task so that you can stay on task and be able to deliver the end product at the set due date.

The first resource that I found was from a blog and it is called 7 Best Practices for Project Scheduling. This post just give you a few tips on what to do when developing a project schedule. I think that this would help anyone that is new to project management. Since I am new to project management, I found this site quite helpful. It gives me an idea of the thing I should do and consider when developing a project schedule. The site also has a software called Intelligent Scheduling in which you can create and edit your project schedule at any time. The site also provides video about the software as well.

The second resource that I found focuses on three methods you can use to estimate activity duration. The three methods are analogous estimating, parametric estimating, and three point estimates. Out of the three, the most accurate one is the three-point estimate in which it uses three estimates to calculate the average value of the activity duration. I think that by using this method, you will give the team enough time to complete the activities for the project. This method works best because you are coming up with three times: one in which you give the time taken to complete an activity in most cases,  the second time is the time it takes to complete the activity in the most favorable cases, and the third time is the time it takes to complete the activity in the worst case scenario. With this method, it should give you enough time to complete the project in the event a problem or change occurs.



2 responses to “Project Scheduling and Estimating Activity Duration

  1. Ryan Wiley says:

    That article you posted a link to refers to some Microsoft products. The university I work for uses Microsoft Office 365, a huge suite of Microsoft software. One of the software applications I’ve just started using in “Planner.” Planner is project manager software that links directly into your calendar, your email, and all of your other Microsoft applications. I just used it to make a group for a project I’m starting to plan. Microsoft makes a lot of mistakes (Internet Explorer) but one the Microsoft Office team has has always done a good job, and, at first glance, it looks like they have done a good job again with “Planner.”


  2. Your post on the estimates provides great information and direction to consider. Researching previous projects for reference, historical data, and using the PERT for time management are all great steps to use for the PM. This was helpful information thanks for sharing.


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